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About Sunshine Designs

Sunshine Designs was started in September, 2001 by Pat & Robin Young. While visiting in Montana, we stopped in a retail store with an in-house embroidery shop in the back. Being an engineer by training, Robin was curious and asked the store owner if she would show him the embroidery machine. Well, it was fascinating and he was hooked. When the opportunity presented itself in 2001, Pat and Robin decided to open Sunshine Designs. And, as they say, the rest is history.

What we do & don’t do:
We believe in the lost art of customer service. We feel it’s necessary to discuss your needs on the phone or in person and, therefore, do not accept “online” orders. We do, however, provide several product catalogs for you to browse online plus stock designs to review.


Some customers prefer seeing the actual item prior to purchase. We agree; there’s nothing worse than receiving your embroidered item and it not being what you thought it would be. So we’re glad to provide samples in advance of purchase with the understanding that you will pay the return shipping cost if you don’t want the item(s).

Our Guarantee:

We are glad to make recommendations as we have lots of experience with our vendor’s products. We’ll be honest with answers to your questions. We stand behind our products and want you to leave “A Satisfied Customer” who will return as well as recommend us to your friends and business associates. Our reputation is critical to our business success and we’ll do what is right for the customer.

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