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How to Order: Embroidered Items

A.  Go to Catalogs A, B, C, D or Product Logo Buttons to see a variety of items available. 
       - Note the brand name, item number, size, color, and quantity                                                   of each item of interest.

A.  Choose from our 2 libraries of stock designs by clicking on “Library 1” or
Library 2 ".   
          1.  If you click Library 1 (Dakota Collectibles), choose from the categories on the left side or search by keyword.
        - Make a note of the design number, name, and size of design.

          2.  If you click Library 2 (Embroidery Island), you can either go directly to the categories below  or click “How to use this site”.
       - Make a note of the design number, name, and size of design.

           NOTE:  If we have the design in stock, we only charge for the embroidery.  If we must purchase the design, that cost will be will be added to your order. 

          NOTE 1:  We can increase/decrease the size of any of these designs by no more than +/- 10% so keep the size in mind when choosing where you want the design embroidered.

          NOTE 2:  We can always add text to any of these designs to “personalize” the work.

1.  We can work with your particular design or Logo.  Put it into .jpg format and email to us.  We will digitize the design for embroidery.  There will be a 1-time digitizing charge which will be quoted.  A “typical” digitizing charge is $ 45.00 but it varies with complexity of design.

Call / Fax / Email your inquiry to us and we’ll be glad to provide a quotation.  Include the information from #1, #2 and #3 above. 

That’s it……you're finished!

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